Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States reserved as a day of remembrance for those American Service Members who gave the ultimate sacrifice and died in service to our country. The observance occurs every year on the last Monday of May, however in the past it was previously observed on May 30 from the years 1868-1971.


Many people visit cemeteries and memorials to honor those who have died in military service. Many volunteers place an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries.


Unfortunately, through the years many Americans lost site of The True Meaning of Memorial Day, and we hope to bring education and awareness to the importance of this observance and the service members the day is intended to honor.


Some things we hope to remind Americans of:

Memorial Day is different than Veterans Day, and Armed Forces Day


 “Happy Memorial Day” is rather insensitive

For those who have lost a loved one to war, it will never be a happy occasion.  No one is suggesting that American’s should avoid having fun or throwing parties, but keep in mind that Memorial Day it is better to wish someone a meaningful or reverent Memorial Day.  This helps remind people that the weekend has a purpose.


Don’t Thank Me – I didn’t Die

Memorial Day isn’t about LIVING vets, and never has been.  It is the ONE day of the year, set aside to remember our FALLEN heroes. PLEASE, don’t THANK living vets on Memorial Day.  We know folks mean well, and we appreciate the thought, but it would be even more thoughtful to get it right by observing the day in the manner it was intended.


Using Memorial Day as an excuse to have a corporate sale is inappropriate
Tying a sale to Memorial Day is always disrespectful. We hope Americans will reconsider supporting businesses who disrespect our fallen and their families by hosting “Memorial Day Sales.”  If you see a company who does this – please document it, and send it to us, or let them know in your own words how wrong this is, and why you find it off-putting.  Why is it wrong?  Corporate America has played a large part in replacing reverence with shopping and partying and fireworks and all sorts of ideas that run counter to the True Meaning of Memorial Day.  Commercializing any observance that is meant to pay respect to fallen heroes is discourteous.

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Please join us in remembering what Memorial Day is all about and re-educating well-meaning, but thoughtless, Americans and American Corporations on the importance of this precious remembrance … We owe it to our fallen heroes and their families to take a moment to get it right.


What can you do?

Educate yourself and others, especially children. Teach them what Memorial Day is about and why it is important to treat the day with a touch of reverence, and keep it for the purpose it was intended.


Look for resources such as this site and others.


Help others to learn by directing them to pages like The True Meaning of Memorial Day.  Liking, tagging, commenting, sharing content from the page helps focus the educational effort as well.


Most importantly Remember our heroes and their families, especially on Memorial Day.


Lest we Forget.



We started our TMOMD facebook page on May 24, 2013 after noticing how many people failed to properly observe Memorial Day.

This site is run entirely off volunteer efforts and our staff is comprised largely of Veterans, Gold Star Family Members and Military Families.  We do our best to answer questions and provide resources.  We appreciate your interest!

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Lest We Forget -- The True Meaning of Memorial Day
Lest We Forget — The True Meaning of Memorial Day