Created in the fall of 1994 to be a central point of information about Memorial Day in the United States of America, help restore its original intent, and to provide others a chance to share their feelings, pride, respect, and honor for those that gave their all.

Veteran’s Administration Memorial Day Resources

Various websites and resources for Memorial Day


Title 36 of the United States Code

The role of Patriotic Societies and Observances in the United States Code


General Order No. 11

General John A. Logan’s Memorial Day Order


General John A. Logan

A short biography of the man who created Memorial Day


National Cemetery Administration

National and State Veterans Cemeteries

Arlington National Cemetery


Information Regarding the Display of the US Flag

United States Flag Code

Establishes advisory rules for display and care of the national flag of the United States of America; FAQ’s, History, Etiquette, Guideline, Examples, Patriotic Writings.

General Flag Display Guidelines

Displaying the Flag at Half Staff